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Joined a SGA drabble comm. Here's my first effort:

Title: Shibboleth
Rating: PG
Pairing: McKay/Teyla, implied Teyla/Ronan
Spoilers: up to 2.3

It’s the precise way she speaks; it sets her apart from the rest of them, with their lazy ways of slurring ng and softening t. He hadn’t thought much about it, after the first few days of meeting her, until Ronan joined them.

She has much in common with Ronan. He, too, speaks precisely. He comes from a Wraith-decimated world, as well, and is a fighter— no, is a warrior. Something Rodney has no hope of being. Ever.

He watches them together, and though they only speak of neutral subjects, there's an ache in his chest that won’t go away.

Made icons last night, tooo: SGA and The Fifth Element. All found at deadlyduo if you care. My current default is that fellow I was waxing spastic about last night, Ronan. [droool]

Yes, The Fifth Element. I'm a huge fan of it, which is odd because usually I hate modern film-- my list of "good movies" pretty much contains nothing after 1980 with the exception of TFE. Ever want to know more about the song The Diva sings, Il Dolce Suono? There's a whole page for it, including lyrics in Italian and a translation.
Tags: fic, stargate
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