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For reiku: Dissonance.

Dunno if it makes sense or not, but as per reiku's request, here's Kikyou/Sesshoumaru smut. Well, smuttish. I was constrained by never thinking of them as a pairing before, and wanting to write this before falling into the daily coma. Unbetaed, hope it doesn't suck too badly.


If Kikyou had thought the brothers dissimilar in personality, it was nothing in comparison to how they differed as lovers.

Inuyasha, brash and noisy as ever, had claimed her, had burned an imprint of himself into her soul so deeply it would never be erased. His hands had been bold, licking like flames over her body, and his kisses had been wild and passionate.

Sesshoumaru, cool and detached as always, had seduced her, had teased and taunted the very soul right out of her, until she was offering it to him on a plate. His hands were sly, clever and sensuous, leaving cool trails in their wake, and his kisses were devastating in their intensity.

She did not fool herself into thinking his sentiments toward her were tender or anything but opportunistic; in fact, she believed he rutted with her only because she could be of benefit by it, and Inuyasha could not. Their rivalry was furious, and a lifetime ago, Kikyou would have been incensed by it.

Now, though, she grasped at pleasure with greedy hands, and there was great pleasure to be found with Sesshoumaru.  His face, his form, his skill—all made for trysts of almost shattering delight. Only when he was inside her, his heartbeat throbbing into her from the shaft buried deep, was Kikyou alive. She felt his pulse throughout her body, and for a moment could pretend it was her own.

Ironic, then, that the culmination of the act was likened to death. Stupid, really-- that rush of breath and blood, that tingle of synapse, bore no resemblance to the endless, colourless void she knew all too well.

“Again,” she urged him, and true to form he said not a word, only complied, because it pleased him to do so. He would fuck her into the ground from which she had been ripped, if she requested, and perhaps one day it might come to that.

But not today. Today was for reminiscence and sorrow, not for oblivion. Kikyou acknowledged it with a pang, though whether it was regret or something else, she did not know.

Then she came, and felt the life/death within her, and laughed.

Did it cheer you up, sweetums?
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