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Friends only.

.friends only.

+ I'm not friending anyone, and I no longer write fanfiction. Any stories that are currently unfinished are most likely going to remain that way.

+ a comprehensive list of links to all my fanfiction can be found here.


Like my work? Want a custom drabble or icon? If you donate to help these people get through losing everything from Hurricane Katrina, I'll write you a drabble or make you an icon. Might as well make all this effort do something, yes?


So, I got inspired to write this as a reaction to all the schmoopified versions of Jakotsu/Bankotsu fics. Canon suggests that any sex between them would go rather like this, than anything else (IMO).

Rating: R
Length: each drabble is 200 words exactly
A/N to schmoopy J/B shippers: Eat it.

I Won’t Respect You In the Morning: part one.Collapse )

I Won’t Respect You In the Morning: part two.Collapse )


Bleach fic: Deathcherry (nc17)

Inspired by arafel, here's my pointless-as-I-can-make-it Yoruichi/Ichigo smut. The ending sucks, and I'm not sure if it's clear but they have not fallen in love with each other-- whatever squishy sentiments they feel are merely that rush of OMG I WUV YOU that good sex often brings about.

DeathcherryCollapse )


Joined a SGA drabble comm. Here's my first effort:

Title: Shibboleth
Rating: PG
Pairing: McKay/Teyla, implied Teyla/Ronan
Spoilers: up to 2.3

Read more...Collapse )

Made icons last night, tooo: SGA and The Fifth Element. All found at deadlyduo if you care. My current default is that fellow I was waxing spastic about last night, Ronan. [droool]

Yes, The Fifth Element. I'm a huge fan of it, which is odd because usually I hate modern film-- my list of "good movies" pretty much contains nothing after 1980 with the exception of TFE. Ever want to know more about the song The Diva sings, Il Dolce Suono? There's a whole page for it, including lyrics in Italian and a translation.


For reiku_toukijin: Dissonance.

Dunno if it makes sense or not, but as per reiku's request, here's Kikyou/Sesshoumaru smut. Well, smuttish. I was constrained by never thinking of them as a pairing before, and wanting to write this before falling into the daily coma. Unbetaed, hope it doesn't suck too badly.

DissonanceCollapse )

Did it cheer you up, sweetums?


Bleach fic: Deeper Down

The title doesn't just refer to the act, but how Aizen is dragging Hinamori further into his control.

Rating: NC17
Summary: Aizen tests Hinamori's devotion yet again. Supposes pre-existing sexual relationship between them.
Warning: butt-play

Deeper DownCollapse )


Bleach fic: Born to Play It

Author’s Note: Ichigo’s position of having his arms outstretched is a refence to his line, “Woo't drink up eisel?” which is itself a reference to how the soldiers mocked Christ on the cross by offering up a sponge soaked in vinegar to drink, when he said he was thirsty. I’m, uh, well, a big geek. Yes. Sorry about that. But I love obscure shit like this. Makes me all tingly.

Born to Play ItCollapse )


Bleach fic: Taste the Irony

I'm not quite sure there's a point to this, besides me wanting to get into Byakuya's head and exploring ways he might come to be attracted to a person. I also am starting to get fixated on the idea of him with Unohana because I think her compassion  might be an excellent foil for his snootiness. This might well be the first in a string of vignettes illustrating how they get together. Or not. Dunno. In any case:

Rating: PG
Words: 1022
Spoilers: through the end of the manga
Summary: What Byakuya thinks about when he's bored.

Taste the IronyCollapse )


Blue Heaven, chapter 3

Not betaed. This chapter takes a slightly more adult turn than the previous two, but Hana's still batshit insane.

Chapter 2 was here.

“When Whippoorwills Call”Collapse )

Chapter 4 is here.